Ethereum Magician Stickers



The scrolls repo is used for the wiki - inside the wiki there is usage. Most issues in the repo cannot be done by outsiders/without permission. I still do not see a problem in creating another repo - adding image assets in the scrolls repo still feels wrong. A repo does not cost anything and is IMHO the right thing to do here.


The Scrolls repo as I had envisioned it and been using it can do a lot more — PRs, issues, teaching people how to post issues and collaborate on getting them done.

I’m not in charge. If you’re going to run a separate repo and maintain it and teach people how to use it — great.

I’m pointing out that we haven’t gotten to minimum viable collaboration in the current repo. I am signaling that I think we should get more activity there. I am signaling that that is where I plan on focusing my efforts.

That’s my feedback.


Just to be explicit Bounties Network is giving permission for Ethereum Magicians to use this logo however they see fit, but you may not sell or license its rights without permission from us. :slight_smile:


@c-o-l-o-r some stickers are on the way to you at ETHDenver - find @frozeman and he will give them to you. He also has some (less of course) for other magicians - so all others also approach him and ask him if he has some left.

Handed some out at todays meetup. Generally people really liked them - but the text needs to be a bit bigger and/or brighter - it is really hard to see on the sticker and people often asked what this is about because they did not see the text.