ETH Denver 2024 Rollcall

Hey Magicians! :sparkles:

The Ops Team is back in event planning mode! We are considering organizing an EIP Day with presentations, discussions, and workshops around ETH Denver this year.

We are collecting attendance and speaker interest for this event!
Please vote if you will attend ETH Denver this year and would like to contribute to the event!

Make sure to submit your vote before 15/01 00:00UTC

ETH Denver 2024
    • Yes! And I want to host a workshop/ present an EIP!
    • Yes! And I would like to attend this event!
    • Yes! And I would like to get involved with event coordination!
    • Yes! And I would like to help sponsor this event!
    • No, I’m skipping ETH Denver this year
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If we get enough interest from you in attendance and present, we will organize this event.

Feel free to propose potential topics and sessions - EIP workshops, presentations, and discussions! And tag your friends who are going to ETH Denver this year. Optionally feel free to propose a date which would work the best for this event!


i’m planning to be at ETH Denver and I’d really like to give a short presentation on ERC-7529 if this ends up happening

Can’t wait to attend the event and share my thoughts on zk

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We are ready to participate in the event to share our share of omnichain interoperability solutions.

I would love to present my EIP-7543

I would like to present a soon-to-be-filed RIP for a new trace precompile being drafted by Forta and OpenZeppelin that will enable a new class of on-chain security solutions


Not sure 100% if I will be there, but at least I could find someone who could take it… about ERC-7512: Onchain Representation for Audits

I’d like to contribute as a volunteer and as a speaker about a soon-to-be-filed EIP (I will edit this post asap).

I’ll already be at ETH Denver, as well as a speaker about DAOs and human coordination.

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Excited to attend, and would love to help support or coordinate!

Thank you so much for your interest in this event! I will DM those who replied to this thread shortly to coordinate speaking slots as well as organisation details!


It seems that the vote is closed, but I’m happy to share and give a short presentation on ERC6672 if this is happening!

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This sounds great! Myself and another co-author of ERC-7571: Shadow Events would love to present / host a workshop

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Friday 1Mar? I don’t have my exact dates but that’s probably the easiest day for me to commit to thus far

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Agree, Friday Mar 1st would work best for us as well

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How about separate EIP and ERC tracks? :smile:

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Friday would be great

This sounds great! Would love to help if needed

In case there is any confusion, RollCall is also the name of the L2 standards calls.


Sounds like it’s going to be Thursday, actually-- details forthcoming! Looking forward to meeting as many of you as can attend :handshake:


Separate thread with more information about EIP Day & rough schedule & RSVP link: EIP Day at ETHDenver 2024