EIP Day at ETHDenver 2024

Hello, fellow Ethereum Magicians! :sparkles:

The Ops Team is back in event-hosting mode!!

Join us for EIP Day to raise awareness about EIPs, ERCs, and the improvement process and discuss how to support the development of Ethereum!

Session details!

Date: Feb 29th

Time: 10am → 2pm

Address: Denver Rino - full address available upon confirmation on Lu.ma

Tickets: Available on lu.ma. More will be released prior the event. Limited capacity - first come first serve

Coffee and refreshments will be provided courtesy of Namefi! :coffee:

POAP from this event will be claimable onsite :sparkles:!

Just remember, it is always better to come earlier than later as our event is oversubscribed and we are not able to expand the venue capacity :worried:


We will give a brief introduction to EIPs

@poojaranjan will be chatting about the EIP process and coordination from the Ethereum Cat Herders side

@ralexstokes will share his thoughts on EIPs from a core dev perspective
@bumblefudge will present the wallet working group and EIP-6963.
@yoavw will be speaking about Block level warming
EIP/ERC/RIP authors! Sign up on site

We will have sign-up for lightning talks onsite, where attendees can talk about EIPs they are working on or have contributed to and have a discussion. Prepare to present your EIP! We will provide you with a USB-C & HDMI cable to plug your laptop in if you want to show us the code!

The EIP Lightning Talks will follow a 10-minute format of:

  • About EIP/ERC
  • High-level and critical details
  • Discussion

Due to the overwhelming number of registrations, we will do dedicated blocks for themed EIPs/ERCs/RIPs. We will announce more details later this week!

Rough Schedule:

The schedule is subject to change

The event will be held in person only. Remote participation is not possible due to administration constraints.

Thank you to @icedcool, @uttam, @alextnetto.eth , @danimim for co-organising, help and contributions to make this event happen :pray:

This post is subject to be updated or changed over time with more accurate information.

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Count on me Anett, thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Assuming RIPs are welcome during the EIP Lightening talks, correct? We just proposed RIP-7614 and would like to briefly present.

@anett any more details on the agenda/format for the “dedicated blocks for themed EIPs/ERCs/RIPs”?

We are finalizing agenda today! Will update the schedule by EOD

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Hi @anett Is the event still having capacity? I would really love to have the chance to meet everyone in person but is still in the waitlist. Thanks

Hi @chuboyu we are still approving registrations! The venue has a limited capacity.

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