ERC-7700: Cross-chain Storage Router Protocol

The following proposal is a superior version of EIP-5559: Cross-Chain Write Deferral Protocol, aka CCIP-Write, replacing Ethereum L1 storage with L2 chains and cryptographically secure databases with an aim to cut gas costs and further privacy while retaining the secure aspects of on-chain storage. Methods in this document specifically target security and cost-effectiveness of write deferrals in context of databases. The cross-chain data written with these methods can be retrieved by generic EIP-3668-compliant contracts completing the cross-chain data life cycle.

ERC Link: ERC-7700

PR Link: Add ERC: Cross-chain Storage Router Protocol by sshmatrix · Pull Request #404 · ethereum/ERCs · GitHub

Note: This proposal is a standalone ERC, amended from what was originally intended as a PR to EIP-5559