ERC-7694: Solana Storage Router

This standard is an extension to EIP-7700 introducing storage router for Solana. EIP-7700 introduces three external routers for deferring storage to L1, L2s and databases. This document extends that specification by introducing a fourth storage router targeting Solana as the storage provider.

Solana is a cheap L1 solution that is fairly popular among Ethereum community and is widely supported alongside Ethereum by almost all wallet providers. There are several chain-agnostic protocols on Ethereum which could benefit from direct access to Solana blockspace; ENS is one such example where it can serve users of Solana via its chain-agnostic properties while also using Solana’s own native storage. This development will surely encourage more cross-chain functionalities between Ethereum and Solana at core.

ERC Link: ERCs/ERCS/ at solanaHandler · namesys-eth/ERCs · GitHub

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