EIP-5528: Refundable Fungible Token

having such a protocol may be very useful when it comes to buying or selling in an unreliable environments…

The benefits of this escrow protocol standard is so insightful and captivating.
It allows for refunds for EIP-5528 tokens by escrow smart contract, the seller issues tokens, the seller can create an escrow smart contract with detailed escrow information such as (lock period, exchange rate, max number of buyer etc.) Buyers can withdraw (or refund) their funded token if the escrow process is failed or is in the middle of the escrow process.
I mean with this escrow protocol standard, the investor can be rest assured that his/her funds are guaranteed secured.


As more persons enter the crypto space, we need safety systems that will help secure their trust. the first of these should be financial. that is, a financial safety practice that helps minimize losses.

EIP-5528 is the best thing about safety

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wow what you are write is wonderful

Crypto took the world by storm, since the inception of Bitcoin in 2008, there hasn’t been any phenomenal changes regarding crypto investments, rug pulls and scams were rife.

From the year 2016 onwards, when the world came to learn about cryptocurrencies and their capabilities, people became more aware.

Fast forward to now, which is 2022, Startfund is born, together with EIP5528, I believe it is time that we all share a common interest, and that is, say NO to rug pulls and scams.

Fast forward to the future!

very good suggestion i like it

Technical challenges are not uncommon in the world of crypto and blockchain.

It is also quite obvious that anyone with an eye can spot that, in the world of investments, scams and rug-pulls are present everywhere.

This is why it is important to create a standard and protocol that, given the right conditions, prevent these disasters from happening.

That is why EIP5528 has been created, together and in concert with Startfund, it is here to put an end and hopefully terminate all possible rug pulls and scams that take the hard earned cash from investors and users!

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very insightful proposal, looking forward to see the changes

EiP5528 it will definitely improve the efficiency of the ethereum blockchain network by allowing a group of tokens to be stored in one place. It will also make transactions to be cheaper by allowing multiple operations in single transactions.

EIP-5528 is crypto for me

The information could include seller token contract address, buyer token contract address, lock period, exchange rate, the maximum number of buyers, minimum balance of buyers, additional escrow success conditions, etc.

Above is an excerpt from the intro info.

From my understanding, it means the escrow rule will be based on the market conditions of the tokens that was invested in. If the number of buyers on the demand side are few, then the escrow contract will tag the transaction as failed thus triggering a refund.

Is that right? I hope someone from Starfund can respond to this.

this is all the protection one ever needs from trusting fake projects and being part of them…thank you EIP5528 :pray:

Several persons hear success stories of how/when some investors became filthy rich overnight via legitimate ways. For them, the inner urge to want to accept everything without proper scrutinization becomes the strong influence that regulate their investment patterns.

This in the long run will spell dire dangers, if it is not yet doing so already.

The next bullish wave will be all about safety, then usability., then investment, then adoption.

From the way i see it, the EIP5528 proposal might help eliminate all the security problems. I love to see the Starfund platform go live.

Such a great initiative. Even though I have but limited exposure to the web3 programming world, it’s hard not to understand and appreciate the simplicity of the escrow process.

This makes me wonder why such an idea was never thought of until this time. It appears almost every web3 creator is just obsessed about cutting off the middle man in every business transaction without considering the fact that “scams, rugpulls, and hacks” are “transactional”.

With the EIP5528, Starfund has not only acknowledged that fact. It has also shown how they can be effectively tackled.

Too much tears and blood have been shed by potential investors, users and the global community and the like in the past few years due to a lack of knowledge regarding crypto investments and ways to prevent losses etc.

It will be a HUGE blessing with the inception of Startfund and EIP5528 to put an end to all this rug pulling and scam-rife space that we have come to learn and accept.

Let’s hope Startfund will come along and seize the day, additionally put the misery and woes out of people who have lost their share in the past few years!

StartFund is permanent solution to a futuristic problem. From the dimension the EIP-5528 is starting from, there is a lot more ground it could cover in the future since it deals directly with transactions security. We can expect that it will continue to grow to meet up with the financial demands of both the blockchain and her investors.

IN a truly remarkable way Startfund have brought to life the dreams of investor’s brining insurance to the web3 space.The EIP5528 will offer the issuer robust control capabilities over their financial asset’s across both primary and secondary markets. I sincerely hope this innovation goes through.

Refoundable fungible token is EIP-5528

A line at www.startfund.io quotes “Big companies start small”, and the title of the website says “Start funding the future now”, goes to show that the platform cares about its investors.

Additionally, the EIP5528 protocol in place adds a layer of insulation to any kind of potential harm that may occur to the investment, provided that the set of correct conditions have been met.

In a nutshell, this is the kind of technology and protocol that the crypto space and investment crowd have been yearning for for several years. Let’s hope the correct use cases emerge and a positive vibe will arise with this technology in the future.