Council of Prague Announcement


Quick question - is Council of Prague interested in UX, especially looking at Crypto adoption or just code facing issues?


All are welcome! Looking for people to self organize topics and gather interest in working together.


In that case, Iā€™d like to join :slight_smile:


Great ā€“ just made an announcement and scheduled a volunteer call for next week if you can make that: ECF sustaining sponsorship, call for volunteers

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A few of us from IBM would love to help and we will try to attend the call for volunteers. Great job organizing this event @boris.

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Hi, I added myself in the wiki as I would like to discuss the 3 proposals for web3 browser I published here for which I created a thread there

Let me know if there anything I should do to bring that forward. I would also be interested in making a lightning talk to present the ideas and start a conversation.


Looking forward to the council!