Council of Prague Announcement

We are calling for the gathering of the Council of Prague. The working plan is that we will gather across 3 days – October 28th - 30th – before DevCon4.

That may be cut down to just 2 days or otherwise have short days. Oct 30th is “day 0” for DevCon4 which will mainly be registration day there. Oct 28th is last day of the Status hackathon.

@JosefJ and his company Polynom are acting as our Host Organization on the ground and has a tentative venue that should fit up to 150 people.

Unlike Berlin, the core will not only be unconference style. Ring Makers and EIP authors will be invited to set aside chunks of time (2 - 3 hours) to work together in moving issues forward. This also is very specifically different than content at DevCon – we gather to make progress on EIPs/ERCs. This may be pair programming, plugfests for interoperability testing, whiteboarding, circle discussions, or anything else that moves towards running code and rough consensus.

@jpitts & @gcolvin will be submitting a proposal to talk about FEM at DevCon as well, as part of getting more people involved.

We will be announcing a call for volunteers (as in, an actual live call) – if you want to get involved please leave a comment below or PM me and we’ll make sure you get a call invite.

Basic details:


Hey, would love to volunteer :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you! We’ll do a volunteer call next week!

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I’d love to get involved and talk about ERC820/ERC777!

Would like to be involved. Not sure about volunteering to organize, but I make an excellent duck.

Perhaps the format can be a bit more relaxed: spread out over multiple days as you stated, maybe visiting different Prague locales, with longer and deeper discussions that are not as physically intensive.

DevCon will be 4 days of madness, would not want to tire people out too much pre-con.

Great @jacques – that’ll likely be part of the Token Ring. Add that to the wiki with your name so people can find you.

Great. Will put you on the list for the organizing call.

Will you be helping form the Smart Contract Security Ring sessions?

If people want to organize such things – sure! We are mainly limited by organizing bandwidth, which ideally the Ring structure will scale.

I think deep work does need a change of pace so we can mix technical work with learning how to work with other people.

I will likely make some plans for the length of Devcon that is mainly a hang out / hack space and really focus on moving things forward so we can all go home and go heads down.

We are actually a part of the framing committee on DevCon’s security track, but we can definitely form a few extracurricular sessions to involve those who are attending the conference proper. I think that is very important to support.

We can also do a session about our ring and how ETHSecurity will fulfill the role of organizing all efforts related to security. @captnseagraves, what do you think?

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Hey this is awesome! Would love to participate and had just mentioned on twitter that Status will be having a huge Hackathon in Prague near these same dates and would love to cross-collab and make this meld together if it makes sense!

Link for ref:

Very excited for this.

The status hack event is the 26-28th but the Sunday would be awesome to have some kind of cross-collab possibly :slight_smile:

@fubuloubu @boris Yes, this sounds like something ETHSecurity should be a part of. I’d like to learn more about the structure and what is needed from our end. It would be great to be on the call. I’m trying to be more conscious of overextending myself :slight_smile:

Hi, kind of new here (though have taken part im several EIP) as I did not find the time yet to be involved but this could be a good opportunity to start.

Is there a ring for web3 APIs? I would like to discuss the future of the web3 API / Json RPC. I have at least one topic in particular that i would like to discuss : encryption and dapp user data access. But I would like to discuss the future I’m general and how we get web3 browser on board to avoid fragmentation.

How could I be involved on these days?

The best thing to do is to document what you want to discuss on the Agenda wiki

This might turn into an unconference session, part of Ring working sessions, or a lightning talk. Feel free to write more in a separate wiki page and link it in if you have more background to share. Reaching out to other people / teams who are working on those topic areas to join the discussion would be good. There has been lots of discussion here about EIP 1102 which I guess is part of this topic.

Does that make sense?

I’d see you as forming the Security Ring and going from there.

Basically, to be responsible for picking the topics of discussion around security EIPs / ERCs / best practices, noting them on the agenda wiki. We’ll be organizing that into space / agenda time across 3 days depending on what people need / interest levels.

Sent you a PM with some thoughts.

Thanks, I’ve added it here:
Can you just confirm this is the correct place?
It only mentions Berlin in September (which I sadly cannot attend).

Hey @jacques – Adding your name as a participant in the Token Ring is good – but it’s not specific to any particular event.

To plan for Prague, do a little write up on the Agenda Wiki – eg. exactly what you said “Jacques, want to talk about encryption and dapp user data access / Token Ring participation”

We’ve found in general that people are having issues with bottom up agenda creation, so we’re going to have to work on it!

Hey guys. We’d like to volunteer to do the video work for the event (w/o streaming though). Here at ChronoLogic we have a video crew, and we’ve done coverage of previous ETH events (EdCon Toronto, EthCC Paris, DappCon Berlin, ENS Workshop London, etc.), you can find some of those here:

What we usually do at events like these is:

. Who should I contact to talk more about it? Cheers


That sounds great! I’ve sent you a PM to talk details.

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I’d like to volunteer onsite. I can do anything.

Thanks! We’ll have a volunteer kick off call soon!

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