[Council of Paris] Content, Experiences and Feedback

The Council of Paris happened March 4th, 2019, in Paris, co-located with ETHCC. Use this wiki and comment thread to share your experiences, give feedback, and link to the content and outcomes created from the event.

The Call for Rings Wiki has all other relevant links from the event.


Any anecdotes, experiences or “ah ha!” moments you had

In the Meta Magicians Ring, Elias proposed the word “steward” as the label for people who take responsibility for a ring. This simple label that captures care & facilitation without ownership felt right to me.

We went further to start discussion about having 2 stewards per Ring, and expecting a level of responsibility.


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The good, bad, and ugly. What worked for you? What didn’t work? What would you like to see from future EthMagicians gatherings


From tweets to blog posts, what great content was created? Share it