[Council of Osaka] Resources for potential participants (sharing accomodations, ...)

My last post was about the organisation the event, but having a location is not enough, we also need to make sure people will actually be present in Osaka to have fruitful discussions.

During yesterday’s council, @boris proposed that ethereum magicians resources could be used to help potential participants find/share accommodation in Osaka. I’m sure he will be able to tell everyone a bit more about what he really meant (I’m really uncomfortable speaking in someone else’s name).

So if:

  • you want to look for roommates with magicians powers (or crypto kitties, which are the best kind of kitty since they don’t have to go through quarantine) → Use this thread
  • If you need financial help from the community to attend the council → Use this thread
  • If you want to discuss anything about attending the council → Use this thread

For the council organisation, follow the link to my previous thread (at the top of this unnecessarily long message)

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Thanks @Amxx — I had a call with @jpitts and @anettrolikova where we brainstormed some ideas. We can check on in this next week or the week after to dig in more on who wants to help.