[Council of Osaka] Date and place?


My understanding is that the next council of the Ethereum Magicians should be held in Osaka close to Devcon V. I, unfortunately, missed the council of Prague due to timing incompatibility and I think the risk is even greater for Osaka.

Travelling to Japan is really expensive, both for transportation and accommodation. We are starting to book hotels and flights, and I’m sure we are not the only one. It would be a shame if potential participants realize afterwards that their travel dates don’t allow them to attend this fall’s council.

So my question is, has the organisation started? If not what is the process to initiate that? Finding a venue is important but I believe deciding on a date even more so.


Agreed. It seems like the Monday (Oct. 7th) would be sensible, given that the rest of the conference is from Tues-Fri.

Monday makes sense. We may also be able to work with the organizers of Devcon itself to make use of space there.

Is there anyone here in Osaka or nearby cities?

Count me in to help with the early planning.