Community list of "shit-to-do" - Google doc of chores, tasks, things to be done

I am seeing a lot of busy people with no time and a lot of tasks that people want to get done.

Eg. EIP-1053: A proposal to move the content in ethereum/wiki to a Wikipedia-style wiki site

Many people want to learn more and contribute but don’t know where to start. One of the best ways to throw someone down the rabbit hole is given them specific value adding projects to do ~ Throw them into the deep end. Twosidemarketplacetotherescue

Currently I am preparing a bunch of non-software development projects/tasks/activities for the local Sydney community in an attempt to get more people involved in the greater Ethereum space ~ I wanted to just throw this up if anyone wanted to add items to or use.

What is something you think needs to get done but have no time to do? Please dump your ideas here

This would be a perfect usecase for


I run the Philly PA meetup. I’m going to suggest this list to my members. Thanks.


Hi @pet3rpan I’ve added myself to one of the tasks :wink:
although we are working also on others


absolute legends @beltran @tjayrush


Going to share this at my local Ethereum meetup :slight_smile:

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Might be nice to have a column that describes the basic skill set / type of work so that people can filter by their skillset. Maybe not worth it unless the list gets long.

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I’m open to helping with the newsletter but I feel there’s quite an overload in newsletters at the moment and there isn’t enough activity to make it worth it.

Maybe we can summarize and submit our content to various other newsletters to leverage their audience?
Sort of like what @Arachnid is doing for the Week in Ethereum newsletter.

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That is a better idea actually - Yeah, another newsletter wouldn’t be too helpful exactly. The monthly summary could even be distributed to multiple newsletters and could even just be a monthly post on this forum as well.

So I noticed that documenting the DAO is a thing on this list and I really don’t have time to document it but I have a whole heap of bookmarks from that period of time that I grabbed for whoever wants to take that task on. I’ll dump them here so that they exist somewhere but what would be a more productive way to share this info so that whoever does take it on can utilize this for their research?



Links to what the DAO was doing BEFORE THE FACT

Blogs and Twitters and Shit


Very helpful thanks!

A couple more:


@tay awesome set of links. This reminds me of an idea I’ve seen out there, a timeline of major events in the community, with each incident linked to a wiki page containing a summary and resources. IMO, it should be as entertaining as possible while also informing on the different perspectives about what happened.

I added this “task” to


Revisiting this idea of a shit-to-be done board. Hoping to put up a pinboard at the status hackathon soon, collect em all and turn them into funded bounties.

Is the reason we can’t just put them in a Github repo as issues because … we’d have to train more people how to use Github?


Lol yes, very intelligent solution. I used a google doc in the beginning bc I wanted permissonless contribution. Do the magicians have a github org? This might be a thing where we collect bounty ideas then we try to get them funded by open source bounty funds.


BUT! EthMagicians doesn’t need to “take over” — if you (and a team) want to run it - just put up a repo and promote it.

I’m doing the same thing (slowly) with Ethereum Events.


Hey, I added myself to the list of tasks, I’ll be writing some articles on decentralization. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should include? Approaches, references, depth, etc.?

I see a lot of people very confused about the different types of decentralization. Maybe talk about physical/geographic decentralization of nodes, decentralization of development/governance, decentralization of power, etc.

@AtLeastSignificant, this is something I’ve been thinking of. I want to create a series of articles that covers the “real” decentralization, not the buzzword. Types of decentralization, states of decentralization and structure of decentralized systems are some of the concepts that I aim to cover in my articles. I am open for collaboration!
Edit: I will also aim to bust some misconceptions about decentralized systems (and maybe blockchains).

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@mattisstenejohansen, this sounds like a really good idea. I’d be happy to review anything you put out and bounce things back and forth if needed.

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