Community list of "shit-to-do" - Google doc of chores, tasks, things to be done

Much appreciated! Will mention you when I have something to show!

@mattisstenejohansen I too would be happy to give feedback, and @AtLeastSignificant maybe you’d like to join the Decentralization Ring Mattis has proposed?

I would also add that this might be a good list for the Education Ring to help out with? Lots of people with varying technical skills who want to help with making Ethereum approachable and grow interest in general.

Here is a link to the Education Ring goals:

Happy to add this to the list of talking points for CoP if you think it makes sense to have this focus @pet3rpan?

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@chisel Sure, I’ve got plenty of thoughts about decentralization, especially for Ethereum. Do I just add myself to the participants list?

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@AtLeastSignificant, yes, please do!

@pet3rpan I’m digging the shit-to-do list back up!

I am not sure if the format is user-friendly though. I would like to make this far more ring-centric, and easier for new folks to feel like this is a way to get started here.

Perhaps the shit-to-do Google Sheet is what Ring contacts use to record the info, and we generate shit-to-do MD from that Sheet.