Will post-merge ETH clients provide better internal transaction inspection?

I’m working with some extremely old contracts that have no event emissions, so I run daemons that watch for changes there instead.

If there are txs to my contracts I can detect potential changes; I grab the latest block and look at the hydrated tx list for “to” values matching my contracts.

Unfortunately I can’t easily detect internal transactions that alter the state of my contact. To my knowledge there is no easy way to do this; neither the “to” nor “from” values are addresses I can predict.

Will eth 2 clients and their http/ws endpoints allow easier “watching” of contracts in this manner? i.e. for changes in smart contract state, no matter the source, initial tx target or manner?

v keen for the answer to your question, but in the meantime perhaps this is something a subgraph with callHandlers could help with?

Most clients offer API endpoints to create the traces, with all of the details, of a transaction. For Hyperledger Besu you can find some examples of these traces in the docs: Trace types

If you search for tracing you should find the same for other clients.