Wiki: Proposed agenda for the "Council of Berlin", set for July 14-15 (updated)

I’d very much like to talk about open source block explorers but I really want to shoehorn in the topic of decentralization at the same time. Attending the council. May attend dAppCon depending…

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@jpitts as I don’t seem to have access to edit the wiki, both Ben and I will be joining from OST. Can I also add a new lightning talk topic with Ben leading the discussion on Saturday around How to build a DApp for 10 million end-users on Ethereum?

@AdeolaOST, I believe should should be able to edit, look for the button at the bottom of the first post in this topic…

I’m still stuck. Can’t see that Edit function in my view:

@jpitts - any chance you can either see if I can get edit access or add Ben and his lightning topic to the list up above?

I’ll take another look later on today, it may be the lack of a GitHub ID.

I’m planning to attend! Mostly as a quiet observer. I’m not very active in the dev-side of the ethereum community, but am currently doing some process research for Scuttlebutt, and would love to learn & observe how this group organizes, runs itself, and makes decisions :slight_smile:

Meta: New signups don’t get wiki editing access. We may want to change permissions so even new users get wiki permissions.

We should probably have a Meta category that is for EthMagicians operations like this.

Feedback to @AdeolaOST - in my opinion, this is a meeting of peers. If the lightning talk includes “this is the EIPs or technical solutions or stuff we need help with”, that would be best. Meetings like this are not conferences for top do@jpitts and I are going to wrangle this into a schedule / agenda tomorrow morning, assume yes, we’ll give people time to meet together and present. And get a video of it!

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

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Hi all, hi @boris, Ben here from OST (Simple Token); super excited that my travel plans changed and I’ll be in Berlin (homebase) for Magicians; just wanted to clarify I understand the spirit of ETH Magicians as a meeting of peers. (we started OST in sep17; before in 2016 I was the lead dev of eris-db and worked on Tendermint; and I started out in 2014 by rewriting MaidSafe as lead dev)

We’ve been building OpenST (as layer-2) to scale Ethereum (scaling bits per second, users and developers for Ethereum). We ve built a layer-2 compatible open-source block explorer ( hosted on to make it accesible easily. (in talks on how we can contribute this to ongoing question for OSS block explorers)

I would love to do a lightning talk on either Jason Teutsch Verifiers Dilemma and how it is the basis to the scaling proposal (scaling bits per second) for Ethereum, and focus on the hypothesis around the reward structure for validators.

Alternatively happy to contribute our thinking and work on wallet UX and how to get tokens securely in the hands millions of new users.

and always open to suggestions from all


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Great. I know other people want to talk about wallet ux, which sounds like a good working group.

And scaling is a good working group topic, too. With our video crew, it’s also great to capture presentations so they can be shared with many other people.

Are there specific EIPs for either one, or EIPs in general that the Simple Token team care about / have been working on?

No worries if there aren’t, working groups are “in scope” for EthMagicians, just that one purpose of EIPs is to drive towards referenceable standards and interop.