Wiki: Proposed agenda for the "Council of Berlin", set for July 14-15 (updated)

I would love to attend, but still trying to figure out if I can make it work. Interested in options to attend remotely.

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Signed up. I’ll definitely attend! :+1:


Just registered, looking forward to following up on some of the Dapp UX topics from Prague in Berlin! :rocket:


Just signed up. Would be happy to join discussions regarding dapps UX, contract storage incentives, protocol upgrades.


Hey! Just submitted the form, looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Chipping in on behalf of Golem, we looked into EIPs (thanks @boris for encouraging us) - The EIPs that interest us the most:

Account abstraction

EVM improvements


  • No EIPs for it, but we want it :wink:

planning to attend; coming to listen & learn


fantastic! Long time Twitter watcher of yours, looking forward to meeting you in person :slight_smile:

What would be really helpful – and I should ping @jarradhope about this too – is which EIPS does the Status team care about? @mariapaulafn told us what EIPs Golem cares about – something similar would be great.

Hope you’re enjoying your hiking trip!

Any other teams or individuals – please speak up about the EIPs you want to see happen so we can get them discussed!

Attending + Dappcon. In Berlin 13-21/07.


Great! Can you give an update on NFT EIPs and future work?

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Absolutely! Would love to. There’s lots of interesting NFT, “Item”, Interface and Composite proposals, I’ll prepare a few slides and taxonomy of the space so far.


Buying my plane tix now.

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A bit late to this but just submitted the form, looking forward to participating!

yeah, looking forward to meeting you in person also, Boris :slight_smile:

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You’re right on time :slight_smile:

EDIT: NM… I figured out how to edit and added this myself :smiley:

Things to add!
Griff Green
Christoph Jentzsch (Sat Only)

Lightning Talks:

Other topics I can/would like to talk about:
Open Source Block Explorers NOW!
Giveth: Collaborative Crypto Grants
Organizing Communities around Causes

Much love!


I’d love to talk about open source block explorers, maybe in combination with collaborative crypto grants.

Also attending the council + Dappcon, happy to talk about standards, tools and generally anything improving developers experience.

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Excellent to see these topics!

We need to start thinking about how to make sure that community members can gather around these topics at the event, while also enabling members to learn about / work on more than one topic.

Those un-conference processes for showing interest in a proposed topic (used at EIP-0) can help with this.

Also important to note:

  • everyone is invited to be a member of this community
  • for now, signal who you are with a GitHub user ID
  • anyone can propose a topic
  • make topics visible, enable members to attach themselves to a topic
  • determine who are the champions of a topic, every topic needs a champ
  • have 1 or even 2 in-person working sessions for a topic at this Council
  • work on a topic should be carefully noted
  • please delay “rough consensus” until later on, it can occur on the forum, conference call, or other online medium, but a read on consensus is helpful

How can we get those who are not attending to participate? Is it helpful for each topic to have real-time chat? The major topics for the full Council will be streamed.


I’d very much like to talk about open source block explorers but I really want to shoehorn in the topic of decentralization at the same time. Attending the council. May attend dAppCon depending…

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@jpitts as I don’t seem to have access to edit the wiki, both Ben and I will be joining from OST. Can I also add a new lightning talk topic with Ben leading the discussion on Saturday around How to build a DApp for 10 million end-users on Ethereum?