Why can't the miners pay for my transaction fee?

Let’s say I only want to sell 2200 DAI for 1 ETH.

Let’s say that the transaction will give a miner $100 in profit via MEV.

Why can’t I just put 0 gwei and let the miner find the transaction, pay my gweis and take the profit from the top?

Already possible with some gas-less exchanges, like some 0x routes, CoW Swap, etc.

To add on, since EIP-1559 started requiring txs to burn an amount of eth, it isn’t possible to move tx inclusion payment to another layer.

I guess I’m more just speculating on why this element isn’t implemented on the mainchain as a new EIP… I don’t see a downside for end-users…
It would make invaluable transactions like NFTs more expensive to transfer… And ERC20s more desirable…