[WhiSpeG]: 2. Status Call. Code name "Oscar"

Hello All!

We are planning to make a second call of the Whisper Specification Group.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Understanding Needs, Usages and Requirements of Whisper as a Messaging Protocol for Ethereum.
  2. Use Cases: CANTO Project and other use cases on heterogeneous Ethereum L2 level?
  3. Who is the Product Owner of the Specification Project?
  4. Announcement of Pre FOSDEM Messaging Workshop
  5. Steps to do.

Anyone and any new topics for the agenda are welcome.

Please signal your time in the Doodle for the call.
The poll will be closed at the weekend as latest.

P.S. Proposed time frames are quite inconvenient for users from Europe. Sorry for that. This is because we need to onboard Oscar this time. Last call was scheduled to impossible times for his time zone.