Whats going to happen to Rinkeby?

We at skale run lots of tests on Rinkeby, and going to be a pain to move to another test network.

I think an option for us is to fork a Rinkeby node and keep using it internally.

I wonder, if there are other people negatively affected by the future death of Rinkeby

Sepolia and Goerli are the public testnets to use moving forward.

EF testnet deprecation blog post:

Peter on Rinkeby:

Well the problem is that we have historic smart contract infrastructure that was deployed to Rinkeby by our QA team over several years.

Moving Sepolia and Goerli is not an option to us.

What we will probably need to do is keep Rinkeby running at least for us internally. If someone else is interesting in continuing Rinkeby to run please let me know.


What are the blockers to redeploying this on another testnet? Would be curious to better understand and see if other projects are in the same situation.

One note re: Rinkeby is that it won’t be run through The Merge (or future forks), so as of The Merge, it won’t be a good staging environment for mainnet.

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