What happened to the "State Channels" specification?

I noticed this announcement nearly a year ago, which seemed to be some kind of top-down effort to unify state channel implementations under a single standard.

“initiative to unify Ethereum’s State Channels projects around a single standard”, and signed by a set of logos :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to know what happened with this one, and what can be learned.

Beyond this possibly stalled standard effort, “State Channels” has some interesting initiatives, especially the state channels forum and recently software like Web3Torrent. Introducing Web3Torrent | State Channels Blog


Followup on this topic:

Twitter thread:

From Liam Horne:

Counterfactual and Magmo merged into @statechannels. Connext was then built on top of V1 of that (soon to be upgraded to V2). Working with Perun on integration at the contract level now. Celer still separate but mostly due to different priorities at the moment.

From Steven McKie:

@statechannels team is active, @ConnextNetwork is, so is @PerunNetwork (their channels are in Go).

From Josh Stark:

Connext is built on top of the Counterfactual framework - shortly after, Counterfactual & Magmo merge into @statechannels framework, adopting new shared brand - Connext plans to upgrade to @statechannels once stable