We need more support for ERC-681!


Alarmed by this tweet: https://twitter.com/Mesqueeb/status/1023714054492147712 I checked some wallets for ERC-681 support. Unfortunately it does not yet look as good as I hoped (https://twitter.com/wallethapp/status/1023856148041134080). Would be great to get more support for it. Also please test with wallets you know - would be great to get more data-points on this.


For reference, ERC 681:

Maybe a Wiki Page with wallets that support it?


Yes - I am working on this. But realized fast that this will be hell to edit in a table of github wiki page. Will make a extra repository that creates this table from json files.
The matrix should not only contain support of ERC-681 - but more ERCs and I also want to split ERC functions (e.g. ERC-681 value payload detection, ERC-681 function detection support, … )


More reasons why we need more support: https://github.com/walleth/walleth/issues/266
anyone has contacts to developers at BRD wallet or jaxx?


good news - jaxx answered on twitter that they will care for it. Trust mentioned in a github issue they will care for it. So I think ondly this BRD wallet is missing …


Just tested with enjin which is also quite large. Unfortunately they are also going off-standard - their ERC-681 looks like this:


dropped them a mail and invited them to the ring - perhaps it would be good if more people write mails like this. They might ignore a single mail - but they cannot ignore us all :wink: