We are building an open-finance platform and would like some experienced user's feedback! (Also sign up for our virtual hackathon if you are a hacker!)

We’ve building a platform to support an ecosystem of 3rd party apps and independently own Chat Hubs. Settle is a platform for open finance. We are sharing 50% of our subscription revenue with the apps and chat hubs of Settle based on how much user attention they garner. To kickstart our ecosystem, our first competition is a thinkathon.

If you have an idea that would be a great 3rd party app on a platform like this, please submit a half page idea for how a cool settle app would work, and if your idea is among the top 3, you win ETH.


1st — $300 of ETH

2nd — $150 of ETH.

3rd — $50 of ETH.

signup here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZO6c0zcSKZQbEmoOGlEO17kzKTG2ZigZboC9fB1XuxY

full rules here: https://medium.com/@settle_16615/announcing-the-settle-thinkathon-134242655e7d

Read about the hackathons - https://www.reddit.com/r/ethdev/comments/9dh5rf/announcement_the_first_settle_virtual_hackathon/
Sign up for the Hackathons coming up - https://goo.gl/forms/XfEr3TaIPYFWDsOP2

Hi @Spaded, welcome.

We don’t restrict the #action-item category but typically reserve it for broad ecosystems items.

We don’t really have an events or Hackathons category at the moment. I added #hackathon & #thinkathon tags to your post. Cool idea.

Good luck with your events!

Thanks for the kind words @boris! Awesome to have those tags!