Wallet PSA: Beacon Chain Withdrawal Address Balance Updates

Cross-posting from Twitter, to reach folks here as well:

Shapella PSA for wallet devs: beacon chain withdrawals don’t create a transaction on the EL. This means that if you’re scanning incoming txns to an address to update its balance, you won’t process withdrawal balance updates

We saw this bug on MetaMask during the Sepolia fork, but others probably have the same issue. Here’s a bug report for them: [Bug]: ETH balance not updating after Beacon Chain Withdrawals · Issue #17936 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub

Withdrawals are processed similarly to PoW emission: they are added to the addresses’ balance “behind the scenes”, at the end of block execution. See the State Transition section here: EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations

If you want to run your own validator to test this, you can do so on Zhejiang: https://zhejiang.ethpandaops.io Alternatively, you can track the Sepolia validators and their periodic withdrawals. Goerli date fork isn’t set yet, but we’ll likely do so on ACDE this Thursday.