Videos from the Web3 UX Unconf

Update by moderators:

These videos can now be found on youtube

All the videos have been uploaded to: They will be hosted there for a year I think. Kyokan is also helping to upload the videos to youtube; I will post here again when it’s done.

In the mean time, you can also download the raw files here:

9:30 - Presentation 1: Tom Creighton - UX lessons from successful startups

10:00 - Presentation 2: Dan Finlay - MetaMask’s new UI

10:30 - Presentation 3: Daniel Ternyak - Tools and Strategies MyCrypto Has Developed While Revamping the Wallet Interface

11:00 - Presentation 4: Richard Burton - WalletConnect: Connect to Web-based Dapps From the Phone

11:30 - Lunch

12:30 - Presentation 5: Alex Van de Sande - Universal Logins for Ethereum

13:00 - Presentation 6: Philippe Castonguay + Panashe Mahachi – Smart Accounts

13:30 - Presentation 7: Viktor Radchenko - What I learned from Building Trust

14:00 - Presentation 8: Sid Coelho-Prabhu - Toshi1

14:30 - Presentation 9: Andy Tudhope - Thoughts About UX at Status and What We Have Been Up To

15:00 - Presentation 10: Beltran Berrocal - Web3 Design Principles

15:30 - Presentation 11: Lane Rettig - Towards an Open Data Marketplace

16:00 - Presentation 12: Martin Holst Swende - The New Ethereum Signer

16:30 - Presentation 13: Maciej Hirsz - Parity Signer

17:00 - Presentation 14: C. Jordan Muir - Frame, a Cross-platform Ethereum Provider

17:30 - Dinner

18:30 - Presentation 15: Michael Sena - Privacy Preserving User Identity Systems for Ethereum dApps

19:00 - Presentation 16: Jeremy Welch - Casa/Multisig/Multilocation

19:30 - Presentation 17: Luis - Radspec: A Safe Alternative to Ethereum’s Natspec to Make Transactions Human-readable

(updated by moderators to show links to the videos instead of the video embeds)

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These video links don’t work for me. How’s the YouTube upload going?

Also not working for me in Chrome or in Safari. Neither does the page you linked. Youtube please :pray:

I got the download links from the video tags. works-for-me™

Here’s the list of them:

Thanks for this. Can I also upload my talk to my channel?

Yeah definitely! We don’t own the videos. Feel free to do whatever you like with it!

Thanks to Stacey from Kyokan, the videos have been uploaded to Youtube!