Updating an already-finalized EIPs/ERCs

In the current architecture of the EIP repository, once an EIP reaches a “final” status there is no way to modify it, not even if a security consideration is found.

My suggestion: add a mechanism that is available in the IETF’s RFC repository: an “Updated-by” or “Replaced-by” tag.
This way, a reader of an EIP can clearly see there is further discussion after the current ERC was finalized.

Updated-by should be marked even if the updating EIP is in “draft” (its an “FYI” notice)
Replaced-by should only be marked once the referencing EIP is finalized, and thus the current one becomes completely obsolete.
(both tags are added to existing EIPs once a new document with “Updates” or “Replaces” header tags, respectively, is added to the repository)


Nice idea! I think this idea can be included in the EIP-7577, Versioning Scheme for EIPs, which introduces a “Changelog” section for the proposals.

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thanks for the reference.
reposted there, as it is indeed a better place for it.

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Great minds think alike! I opened this EIPIP issue/RFC and so far a few of the EIP editors seem to support the idea. Please drop a plus-one on that thread please if you want this to get did! @ulerdogan you too!

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