Update on ERC-1066 Status Codes project



Okay! I’m back out of deep freeze. Just thought that it would be helpful to bring everyone up to date with the effort on ERC1066, especially since a lot has happened since Berlin!

(Feedback appreciated on format. I’m not totally certain that this is the correct place to post updates versus just in the intro thread)

Focused Effort :muscle:

@boris and I got some breathing room to focus on ESCs through the Consensys Tachyon Accelerator open source track. We also have committed effort from Robot Overlord (which is also me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) through at least the end of the year. The current team is three: @expede & @jenncoop focused on tech, and @boris on community.

In the Wild :evergreen_tree::deer:

ERC1400 — Security Tokens uses ESCs as part of the standard. We’re going to be chatting with them about possibly integrating their use cases (on an abstraction of it) directly into the standard.

Use Case Research :woman_scientist:

Protocols are essentially abstractions over common use cases. We’re doing a bunch of R&D around filling in the currently empty ranges in appropriate, flexible, reusable ways. If anyone wants to send us their use case, and especially contract architectures, we’d love to get that into the standard and make contracts more clearer and more interoperable.

Translations :speaking_head::globe_with_meridians:

This is a very compelling use case of ESCs, and part of the original vision. The architecture and interfaces may be worth splitting out into a derivative standard, just to keep the core ERC-1066 focused. It’s still a design goal of the core ESC project, and the helper libs will almost certainly include translations support.

Tool Integration :hammer_and_wrench::electric_plug:

We’re talking to a bunch of wallets, frameworks, libs, and profilers to see if there’s a fit. Also to collect use cases from those projects’ goals :wink:

More Places to Talk!

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