The Lisinski Tesnet is live

Hi all,

I’d like to formally announce the launch of the Lisinski Testnet. Inspired by Goerli and with Constantinople and Istanbul activated, Lisinski is a PoA Clique chain focused on Croatia (all validators are from here) because we want to grow and support the local ecosystem of eth devs with a good playground and hackathon support.

In spite of this, we’ve opened the testnet globally along with a faucet, rudimentary explorer and more, so you can just as well join in via RPC or even power up a node of your own and start hacking. It works perfectly fine on something as weak as a raspberry pi while the chain is this small, so please join us and break things.

We also support whisper, and will soon open up IPFS and Swarm nodes.

More information on why, how, etc. available at and you can come chat to us via Gitter and on our forum.


Super cool! Really fun to hear about this, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the support!

Note that while validators are from Croatia and all our servers are (or will be) in Croatia (we don’t like cloud hosting and think it should be effectively blacklisted in the context of public blockchains), the testnet is intended to be used by all - we want “outsiders” because we want a rich ecosystem of smart contracts that can interact with each other, we want to test latency, etc. etc. All our documentation (forum posts, tutorials, website, etc.) will be bi-lingual, so there’s always going to be an English language version of everything, for practicality’s sake.

Next week we’re also launching an IBFT2.0 testnet, driven by Pantheon (the recently released Java client), so we can experiment with larger numbers of validators (20+ hopefully).

Lots of developments pending, so be sure to follow along!

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CRO ETH Community growing strong! :muscle:

great! Please add your chain here:

does lisinski have a subway station?

Croatia is a 2.5th world country so no subways here at all, but we did name it Lisinski because it was formalized next to a public transit station (tram) that’s called Lisinski :slight_smile: Adding to chains

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