The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread

Hello everyone! My name is Davin (Frozies). I want to learn how and work with a team on a crypto project. You can find me in Webstorm, a construction site, or in CSGO. :slight_smile:

Hi folks, I’m Josh, a computer scientist at Oxford & Metagov. A bunch of folks from the DAO space and I are working on a new ERC standard for DAOs as part of an initiative called DAOstar One. Look forward to connecting to folks here!


Hi… This is Saurabh here

I am a blockchain dev and a big fan of the technology.
Have been following this space from last 5 years.
I am looking to built platforms which will have an impact on the community using blockchain tech.

Currently working on IdeaTribe, a platform for users to publish their ideas (stories, poem, art, scientific paper, business ideas) to get a proof of ownership (based on timestamp and hash). The main aim is to help ideators realise their ideas through collaboration. The community can collaborate using staking on idea, on chain service contracts to help the ideator.

What do you guys think?

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Hi everyone!

I’m Chiara. I first stumbled upon the Ethereum community this past Spring. I find the Web3 space both technically and ideologically fascinating. At the moment, I’m focused on smart contract development, and better understanding the Ethereum ecosystem. I’m also interested in exploring 3D web development, and how this type of media may be stored and displayed on blockchain-based infrastructure.

LinkedIn and GitHub are currently my professional networks of choice. Feel free to get in touch there @chiarawilden. (Please leave me a short note on LinkedIn if you’d like to connect so that we can properly introduce ourselves :blush:).

Looking forward to getting to know my fellow magicians, and contributing to the community :woman_mage:t4:


Hola :wave:t3:

Developer in the space since pre 2016. Career front end engineer in specializing in integrating React and JAM stack methodologies in web3 apps. Consensys Alumni, short stint at NFT . org, ex-node operator for POA network and general hackathon junkie who loves having philosophical governance discussions. Currently birthing & in an effort to tokenize the world :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I’m DT. During the workday, I’m at Google advising big APAC game and app companies on international growth. Every other moment for the past year has been devoted to soaking up how the ETH and open source communities work, and I’m enthralled.

Like @jpitts, I want to cultivate self-organizing social systems that work together (for good, and beyond just making money). My first attempt contributing is a standard for non-tradable fungible tokens.

Find me on Twitter @dtedesco1.


Hi everyone!
My name is Sigrid Jonasson.
Introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2016.
I have been following the development of the Ether network for a very long time and think it is brilliant.
I am also a cryptocurrency investor and a contributor to a cryptocurrency portal that specialises in cryptocurrency robot reviews.

Glad to be part of the community.


Hi everyone!

I’m Mourad Kejji, passionate developer from Morocco. I learned about Bitcoin in 2011 (at the time, I was convinced that the person behind it was using everyone’s computers to rent them to render farms :laughing:), then started really getting into it in 2013 but it was already too late to try to mine with the hardware I could afford.

I learned about Ethereum in 2016 and immediately started experimenting with smart contracts. Once again, I let my skepticism get the best of me. After heavily trying to convince people around me that this was the future, I ended up conceding to the argument “it’s a great tech but there’s no real use-case”.

In 2018, it was my greed that got me back to it, prices had just surged so I put all I could of my savings in crypto and started doing web3 hackathons. Got a few prizes at some of them, and since then, I just never stopped.

I discovered this forum while googling “how to propose an EIP”. I’ve been working on a Visual Novel game engine for a little while and I’d like to come up with a standard way to store players’ progress and choices on a smart contract that would represent the story. But more on that on the dedicated thread once I muster enough courage to open it. Until then, I have a lot of lurking to do :sweat_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m mukas
I am someone who studies blockchain and its applications daily in a self-taught way.

My main engine is innovation and the search for solutions to real problems, you will see me here proposing all kinds of ideas and developing them.

I hope we share our information and ideas and help each other to create something worthwhile.

If you want to contact me you can do it through my instagram muquifuler


Hello Familiy! Im Philip from Sweden, I started working, developing and investing in ethereum back in 2014-2015 (I missed the btc train) So ive been in the game from the start, I have lots of contracts with companies(now a days, was projects back then) with like, binance(BUSD); cryptopunks, EOS, DAO (the original) and many many more.

I have written and helped eth from the start but also projects like bitshares (wrote the whitepapers to make it more decentralized after 2014) and worked with them and the steem creators, its been a wild journey.

Today I work with GitLabs and also have my own organization called Cryptocurrencies Sweden (still beta)

We are developing a decentralized internet called Unigrid today. But im here to connect back to my old community, my first wallet was the old MEW wallet, before it was MEW for those who remember, it was still a beta back then but are not MEW and Jaxx.

If someone who is good with old smart contracts and how to work with them trough proxy can reach out to us/me and get rewarded for helping us to upgrade these contracts either trough proxies or something.

I tried it myself, with a proxy to gnosis vault and by mistake transfers 8 million. So will not like that to happen again.

I used to be very anonymous but now a days thats a gone, so im here and please reach our for business or just talk old memories.

Over and out / Philip Jonsén

Hello world. I’m DC / Dan Clemens.

My background is in startups, where I helped build two businesses as an engineer and CTO.

Today, I’m interested in Ethereum. I’ve been fascinated by blockchain ideas since reading the Satoshi paper a decade ago, and I think now is a particularly exciting time. Over the past year, I’ve been running a validator node at home.

Despite the bites, I welcome the bear. Overnight, it feels like the space became quieter and more discerning. It’s time to build.

Here’s my Eth learning project:

I also love old growth forests. I’ve been intentionally spending more time offline this year, backpacking in the redwoods.

I’m on Farcaster and Twitter:

Blockchain seems to be the current foundation of Web 3.0… By way of introduction, I am someone that just created an alternative to Blockchain.

From blocks to spheres… blockchain to atomsphere…

The Atomchain!

Hello fellow Ethereum enthusiasts! :wave:

My name is Thomas. I’m a former professional poker player. But I switched my entire focus to computer science and software engineering a couple of years ago. Whereas Crypto and blockchain have been my passion for even longer.
Currently, I’m focusing on scaling solutions - especially ZK-STARKs. These days, I’m writing a thesis about the influence of ZK-STARKs on smart contract engineering. I’m also having a startup project with a friend on StarkNet.

Nonetheless, I highly appreciate the power of a decent L1 solution. And no L1 is better than good old Ethereum, right? I’m happy to participate in discussions. By that I hope to provide some value to the community.

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I am George (official internet user handle: gmako6). I am a computer science student focusing on smart contracts and blockchain development. I am good in react js, web3, and react native. I would like to have the best Mentors in smart contract development Ihave a plan to initiate a stat]rtup to level up my fellow africans to blockchain technology.

Twitter handle:

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I’ve been investing/studying cryptocurrencies for a long time.
Now I’m delving into the technical part of blockchain. I am trying to understand exactly the infrastructure of several blockchains (eth, matic, bnb chain).
I am also interested in topics like:

  1. Decentralised storage, authentication, the problem of storing user wallet keys and so on
  2. Zk evm
  3. Operation of evm (eth org I’m already reading, getting into it)

Hey all, Brent Fitzgerald here. I’ve been actively developing in the Ethereum space for a bit over a year, mostly in projects related to DeFi and novel uses of NFTs. I have a long history in traditional fintech / payments stuff, with focuses on mobile payments and developer tooling. And along the way I’ve played a lot with computational art and building weird UIs. I live in Oakland, USA, where I enjoy riding bicycles, tromping around on trails, and helping kids with math. I’ve been psyched lurking in this forum for a few weeks seeing the smart and creative energy. Looking forward to learning, helping, and contributing where I can.

Hello Magicians. My name is Aleksi Honkakari. I am Artist, validator, delegator at least. Main core are combined as build physical Art - Artists and DAO.

Currently working on Art project, inkDrawing&openAi

thx and pleasure to meet everyone!


Hey everybody!
I’m Emi and I’m getting to know more about crypto everyday. I invest in BTC and ETH but recently have been discovering new alt coins and reviewing them thoroughly. My faves are SOL and WEI (a new very promising project), but I’d like to know more. Maybe we could discuss some of ETH forks? Pleasure to be here :slight_smile:

@sirius here!

I am currently about to complete 5 months since I discovered web3, they have been ups and downs everywhere, and the path without a guide is more complicated.

I have been part of the team since the first days of May this year, and have been sailing since 2006…

I have some developed projects, some that are still in process and many more complete…

I usually don’t visit the blog for a long time, but when I’m here I try to read or be active as much as possible.

Feel free to send me a direct message and tell me about any interest of yours or blockchain… or any topic that you like!


Hi all,

I am 5660.eth from China. I used to be a soldier, studying military science, engineering and finance. Previously worked as a researcher in traditional finance, and also worked as a researcher in CEX. My English is not good, and sometimes I even have to use Google Translate to communicate with everyone, haha. I don’t know how to program(learning), but I really like the atmosphere here, everyone seems to be doing some amazing things, and I will try my best to communicate with everyone.

about me =>