The best platform for an undegraduate blockchain course?

At SKALE we are working on an undergraduate blockchain course that we plan to release as videos. We are trying to understand what the best platform for the course would be.

I wonder if someone has an opinion on advantages of things like Udemy, Coursera and others vs just releasing on youtube?

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I ran my compiler class via YouTube + shared Google Drive for course materials and the university-mandated course platform for announcement to students.

I didn’t really even consider alternatives, but having followed two Coursera courses, I don’t really see what the value-add is. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are some fringe features that some people derive a lot of value from (quizzes?). I have no experience with Udemy.

The advantages of YouTube is putting your course in front of extra eyeballs and making it easy to find, both on YouTube and Google. The auto-captioning is also pretty good. I didn’t make use of it, but the chaptering feature is also pretty nice to help returning students to navigate the video.

Something I was missing on YouTube is the ability to add annotations at arbitrary timestamps in the video (this was possible once upon a time, but not anymore). I’m not sure if other platforms allow this.

One downside is that Google is a shitty company to rely on, with a history of dropping support for things for no reason (we already mentionned annotations in this post). If you want to preserve the course for the long haul, worth considering (though crypto probably moves too fast anyway).

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Thank you Nicolas :))

The number of views is pretty impressive !:slight_smile:

Which software did you use for videos (like creating picture in picture effect?)))