[Survey] Help wallets improve! What are you currently using. Survey in comments



Curious to find out what the group is using for wallets, we’re looking to improve on existing models.

Appreciate any feedback anyone has, would love to hear from the community what is missing in the apps that are in the market right now.

I’ve been getting the biggest mix of reactions to this question. From ‘the market is saturated’ to ‘no one uses mobile ETH wallets’. Personally the only thing that comes up in my ads these days is more ads for wallets. :joy:

Survey is here: https://totle.typeform.com/to/gdPFh7


Hello! Will you be sharing anonymized results from the survey?


I would be most interested in the results - please share them in the wallet ring!!


Definitely will, working diligently now to make sure we get a larger snapshot to make it worthwhile for you guys (and my team!)


@deltajuliet did you get the chance to consolidate the results?


Yes @Tbaut! Apologies for the delay. We’ve been super busy getting results and iterating. :smiley:

A high level overview is here: https://totle.typeform.com/report/gdPFh7/LWCTe4pXnsiyoZUv

And more detailed comments from participants is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSIm2KlUGCsY961lHB1GyUG_Et-4ku4YxU1k4EfZzLsQFvDBnMtUdq7oGhyTKkftSOAw-osp6lttN57/pubhtml

Please send any feedback you have, and of course, we’d love for this survey to be shared for even more results, to your groups. I am only able to add 2 links to posts so I’ll post the survey link in the next response.

[Meta] UX research and user studies results

Looks like my post was flagged as spam. I’m unable to post the links here. Working on getting that flag removed!


Probably a bot that doesn’t like too many links. Thank you so much for the results.


Happy to help @Tbaut. We have a working prototype for those who are interested in giving feedback. I can post here if interested.