Standard For Specific NFT Owned Smart Contracts


This idea has been formed around NFT’s having more utility. I truly believe more utility would come forth to the NFT ecosystem if Smart Contract ownerships can be enhanced with Specific NFT’s.

Instead of having Address Ownership like the one we use from OpenZeppelin’s Ownable contract , i believe there should be a standard for Smart Contract NFT Ownership.

Allowing smart contracts to be only accessible by certain NFT holders will bring more utility to the NFT Ecosystem. Truly bringing more innovation to Smart Contract Wallets or Business Logic related smart contracts & allowing NFT holders to have more utility rather than flipping all day long

NFT holders are incentivized to hold their NFT than flipping them.

Having this standard will incentivize developers to create more innovative smart contracts that utilizes NFT’s

I believe this can be achieve & i will also be including an implementation soon on this thread.

Hello @mnkhod !
I am new here, so pardon me if I do anything out of place. I think this indeed is a good idea. Right now the stuff that are being done when it comes to “membership” stuff using NFT is tokengating. Which is mostly frontend/backend. But not on chain.

I believe, an upgradation of AccessControl by openzeppelin can be made that is based around owning a certain kind of NFT or any sort of FT. Maybe even generalize it and make it for ERC-1155.