Stagnant tag in EIP-1102 what does mean?

Hi guys,

I was reviewing the documentation for EIP-1102 but I found that it has a stagnant tag that says “This EIP should not be used”. What exactly does this message mean?

I means, is there other EIP that replace this one?

From: EIP-1: EIP Purpose and Guidelines

Stagnant - Any EIP in Draft or Review or Last Call if inactive for a period of 6 months or greater is moved to Stagnant . An EIP may be resurrected from this state by Authors or EIP Editors through moving it back to Draft or it’s earlier status. If not resurrected, a proposal may stay forever in this status.

Thank you abcoathup, I’ve checked thoroughly, and according to the web3.js documentation, the updated standard is EIP-1193.

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