Solidity Mathematical Expression Interpreter Library

Title: Solidity Mathematical Expression Interpreter Library


Hello Ethereum Magicians community,

I’m excited to introduce a Solidity Mathematical Expression Interpreter Library. This library is designed to enable mathematical expression interpretation within the Ethereum ecosystem while providing support for integers.


  • Mathematical Expression Parsing: Our library can parse and evaluate mathematical expressions that include operators such as +, -, *, /, %, and ^, as well as parentheses for defining the order of operations.
  • Solidity Compatibility: The library is written in Solidity, making it easy to integrate with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Safe and Secure: While this library provides powerful mathematical capabilities, it’s crucial to exercise caution when processing untrusted input strings.

Use Cases:

  • Smart Contracts: You can use this library in your Solidity smart contracts to perform complex mathematical calculations within the Ethereum network.
  • DeFi Applications: DeFi projects often require mathematical operations. Our library simplifies these calculations within DeFi protocols.
  • Custom Calculations: If your project involves custom mathematical operations, this library provides a flexible solution.

Please Note:

This library is provided “as is,” and I make no guarantees about its correctness or suitability for any specific purpose. It’s important to thoroughly test and validate its functionality before deploying it in a production environment.

GitHub Repository: Math Interpreter Solidity GitHub

I’m eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on this library. Let’s discuss its potential applications and any improvements that can be made.

Feel free to ask questions, share your insights, and explore how this library can benefit the Ethereum community.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to our discussions!

Best regards, Parsa Rahbaran