Simulation working group proposal for Eth 1.x

Along with state rent and Ewasm, this proposal forms the output of the third and final Eth 1.x working group going into tomorrow’s call. Kudos to Shahan Khatchadourian & co. for putting this together.


Adding more details for clarity:

Ethereum Eth1.x WG3: Simulation
by Shahan Khatchadourian & other contributors

This document is to capture the infrastructure, platform, and requirements for simulation towards an Eth1.x feature list for inclusion in an upcoming hard fork. The simulation platform is intended to resolve questions that the community has about where we are at, where we are headed, and what we need to know and do to get there.

Putting together a call for this Thursday to expand on these points and identify requirements for test net.

Will have call today at 8AM PST.

Notes and recording from this morning’s call.