Share your values on the EIP0 Shared Values Survey!

Hey everyone,

We’re creating an open data-set of individual perspectives to help inform our Shared Values for Ethereum and need your input!

Establishing cultural guidelines will help inform new community members and serve as our collective compass moving forward into the future.
No question is required, anonymity is optional, so please submit even partial responses, any information you can provide is valid.

If you can submit your entry before June 1st so I can present the findings at the Ethereum Bangkok meetup!

Please share this survey with anyone you think can contribute meaningfully.



Will the responses be made public? I’d be interested in reading through the raw data.

Thank you for putting this together. I’m interested in seeing the outcomes of your survey.

This is quite a long survey. Here are the questions inside the survey for ease - copy and do later ~

You may need to think about some of these questions before you can answer them. Especially for questions such as: What gives your life meaning? Why? lol

  1. Besides Vitalik, who are 3 or more people in the Ethereum Community that make good role models? What do you admire in them?
  2. What are 3 or more organizations, communities, social movements and/or ideologies that are (loosely) related to Ethereum?
  3. What values does/should Ethereum embody? Why?
  4. What originally attracted you to Ethereum? Why are you still here?
  5. What is your happiest memory related to Ethereum? Why?
  6. Is there anything in Ethereum (past/present) that frustrated you, or could have been done better?
  7. Is there anything in the community that exhausts or tires you?
  8. Is there anything we ‘failed’ or are ‘failing’ at?
  9. In your mind, what would make a good Ethereum community member?
  10. What are the values/principles you use to help guide your life?
  11. What kind of future do you envision?
  12. Are there any fears you hold that you think are relevant to Ethereum?
  13. What gives your life meaning? Why?

Yeah it was long and some of the questions took a long time to answer… but you can also skip any of them so if you set aside 5 minutes and limit any 1 question to 30 seconds… you will be fine…

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I’d be pretty interested in hearing other’s responses as well if possible. Especially the ones that don’t necessarily align with the rest. I feel like the tribal/cult like following of the Ethereum can sometimes be a giant echo chamber.

In case you are still looking -

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I analysed some of the data and responded with my own thoughts to some of the issues raised