Sharding-format blob-carrying transactions

This thread is to discuss the sharding-format blob-carrying transactions pre-EIP:


During ETHDenver, there was some good progress made on implementing this. See

The code contains a file that is responsible for creating a trusted setup, see go-ethereum/main.go at a922276f31f130a83493a0406bae345ec1e19324 · protolambda/go-ethereum · GitHub

The implementation of the code that generates the trusted setup is here - (can only post 2 links per post so evading the linking). Its not super complex code, but I am curious about how this trusted setup could be expanded to be multiparty and also have a 1 of n security model, where there only needs to be 1 participant that doesn’t defect for the trusted setup to be secure. Is that possible and what does the math look like for that?