secureETH Meetup notees - "Trustlessness in Blockchain"


Trustlessness in Blockchain:


  1. Everyone uses OnlyOwner as their only form of Access control
  2. Users do not know what trust system the application they are using employ


  1. Defining Trust - Setting precise attributes & terms (U2U & U2O & O2O)
  2. Communication about the Trust
  3. Dynamic rules of trust breakdown
  4. Security & consequences
  5. Implementation (Cross system Trust management)
  6. Trusting the bridges & Oracles that connect the platforms
  7. Address Disaster Recovery


  1. Access Control = Big Problem
  2. Weights on functions that makes & breaks the contract
  3. Etherscan integration

Trust parameters(ongoing exploration):

  • Upgrades to the contract
  • Access Control (Admin)
  • Special Privilege

More on this can be found in the presentation: