RIP-7728: L1SLOAD precompile

This proposal introduces a new precompiled contract L1SLOAD to L2s that can load storage slots from L1 given a contract address and storage keys. The motivation is to provide a convenient and trustless way for smart contracts deployed on an L2 chain to read storage values from L1. With the L1SLOAD precompile, the developers don’t need to generate and submit MPT proofs themselves.


Being able to query L1 blocks from a precompile is great from the DevEx perspective and also from the end user perspective since it can bring new use cases with fast and cheap transactions.

I noticed that earlier versions of this proposal included the L1 block number as a parameter, but it has now been fixed to the latest block. While this precompile was primarily designed with keystores in mind, reintroducing the block number parameter could unlock additional use cases such as:

  1. Snapshots for token governance, whitelists and airdrops. For example: only if you were a holder in a specific time in the past you will be able to vote on a proposal or claim an airdrop
  2. ZK merkle inclusion proofs for cross-chain privacy applications. Proving that you have been part of an historic merkle tree can help saving gas because right now we have to store all historic roots in the contracts. So for example this can help saving gas if for example, you are building a L2 voting mechanism for L1 tokens holder, or a mixer where tokens are deposited in L1 and retrieved in L2.
  3. 100% on-chain DeFi data to feed financial algorithms. Access to historical block data can feed financial algorithms for DeFi applications. For instance, algorithms could be designed to react to specific market conditions, such as “sell if volatility decreases and price drops.” Projects like Maker and Aave are exploring stuff like this, for example the new Aave V4 proposal expressed the need to include different data points to their fuzzy interest rates.

I like the idea of reintroducing the block number and inviting new ways of saving gas fees. Any thoughts?

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