Review the Pull Request for the EthMagicians Donations Leaderboard

Hey all –

Brendan Asselstine pushed a Pull Request to the EthMagicians donations page

The preview is here:

Please leave comments on the Github thread

We can have extended discussion here on messaging / content and create additional issues. @caspar @pet3rpan @mariapaulafn @jpitts in particular to have some eyes on this.

Thanks Brendan!

Also: @jpitts at some point my write access got revoked (with EthMag organization?), so I can’t approve the PR. I would suggest that if it’s you, me @ligi then 2 of 3 should review PRs. And that goes into larger governance discussion too, of course.

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@boris, I have re-invited you. It seems as if there may have been some kind of reset in which you dropped all of the Fellowship “teams” on GitHub in which you were a member.

Thanks. Maybe GitHub like Twitter thought I was a scammer too!


Will take a look over the weekend.