Retail cryptocurrency with reference value to 24k gold in layer2

I ask for permission to post a paper I saw, because I am enthusiastic about projects like this and I am willing to contribute knowledge to see this work. The paper is a step-by-step guide to creating a retail cryptocurrency for everyday use, with a value equivalent to 24k gold, but which is not a stablecoin. Built layer2 on top of ethereum mainnet. The proposal of cryptocurrencies, since bitcoin, was to not have to pass our rich money through banks, this is the ideal situation. The reality is that today, owning cryptocurrencies must necessarily go through banks for disbursement for purchase or receipt of amounts for sale. I see projects like this where it is a retail currency with a value referenced to 24k gold, that is, a retail cryptocurrency accepted anywhere and everywhere for buying and selling transactions of common everyday goods with a value referenced to 24k gold. , it can also be used to buy and sell bitcoin and ether in exchange for this currency, without going through banks. Bingo! Then you can break dependence on banks. The paper is looking for people who see potential for building the currency while respecting what is written there, it is a public call for developers and other people with knowledge to gather together to build the network. I’m enthusiastic, I want to see it work and if more people get excited I’m in too. The paper is divided into 2 parts. The first part deals with encryption or breaking encryption using prime number spirals. The second part deals with the creation of the currency, governance, objectives, remuneration, airdrop. The paper: