Regional gatherings, templates, and more

At the Meta Magicians we had a number of people interested in having more regional events, creating a template, and in general ensuring that people can be successful in hosting more decentralized EthMagicians gatherings.

@tjayrush said he might look at doing something regional, talking to @fubuloubu & others.

I think we should create some action items, where the top one is “create an event template” as the high level item. Budgets, sponsorship, venue, etc etc. I’d like to suggest GitHub Issues to show who is taking ownership of items and sub items.

For fun — let’s see if we can pick a name?

  • Congress
  • Conclave
  • Camp
  • Coven
  • We don’t need one name
  • All of these are bad

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Ethereum Magicians Sidechain
Ethereum Magicians Warcamp
Ethereum Magicians Rally
Ethereum Magicians Summit

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From the Stewart Brand talk - Jamboree!

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