Qualitative interpretation of the EIP-0 Values Survey

Are there any thoughts about methodologies / processes / approaches for interpreting the EIP-0 Shared Values survey?

Can anyone here connect Jarrad to resources or individuals who are involved in social psychology and related fields, specifically qualitative interpretation of survey results?


@jarradhope posted this to the ethereum/governance channel:

@lrettig @jpitts and everyone else here. I would love to start herding the cats to do the interpretation phase of survey results, how we can can distill it down into a document, quantitative analysis is pretty straight forward, our ipynb can be found here https://github.com/status-im/datasets/tree/master/201805_EIP0_shared_values, but how to best go about qualitative interpretation and the process around it alludes me

Some ideas are that participants can write separate Google docs as an intermediary layer, we comment on those then try distill those docs into a ‘master’ doc until it’s revised

We could introduce some structure, but we’d have same coordination problems coming up with document structure itself

In short, what do we think is the best way to create this shared values document?

Related tweet by Virgil Griffith:

Currently working away at it, let me know what anyone else is up to

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For history’s sake:

The Survey Itself

Raw Data

Some Light Analysis

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