Proposed private funding model: "3 Years To Open"

I wonder if fast-moving private units could form around projects such as the EVM, Ethereum 1x, usability, privacy, etc. with investors and experienced startup leads.

These units would be structured in the same manner to reduce confusion. The work, kept proprietary, with a legal agreement that regular releases are made to public under an open source license in 3 years.

Hence, “3 Years To Open”, or 3YTO.

Ethereum ecosystem teams e.g. EF-funded projects, ConsenSys projects, etc. could get preferred access to the work, but have to pay far more than if they had granted full funding early-on.

3YTO units would be free to sell access to the work to anyone, including Ethereum competitors, but the 3 year open source release rule would have to be maintained.

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There is so much turmoil around open source licenses right now that (eg Redis and Mongo altered licenses to try and block cloud providers) that I don’t know if tinkering with that aspect makes sense.

Aragon’s multiple teams approach seems healthy — although they still all operate with what is essentially “startup investment”, so long term sustainability is up to each team.


Hi from the EThmagicians Business Models ring. Someone sent us a link to this thread.

Whats a ‘fast moving private unit’? Is that just a token that moves fast?

LOL, no, I should have explained better. I was thinking of a small development team with a product manager and project manager. Still, some fast-moving tokens might be involved, to facilitate funding and compensation for participants.

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