Proposal for a New EIP: NFT Royalties with Bounty

This EIP would propose an extension to the existing EIP-2981 standard. NFT royalties are on the verge of becoming widely enforceable at scale with the advent of Limit Break’s ERC-721C, Payment Processor marketplace protocol. Interest in adoption has gained a lot of momentum since OpenSea announced they were permanently adopting a royalty-optional posture for all collections.

The motivation for this EIP is to foster alignment between NFT creators and NFT exchanges. The premise of the EIP is to standardize a way for creators to offer a bounty paid out of their royalties to the exchanges that facilitate trading of their NFTs. This is not the same as a marketplace/platform fee. This is a bounty, paid out of the creator’s/royalty recipient’s own share of royalties. However, is puts guardrails in place for creators to specify a maximum amount of bounty they are willing to pay on each trade/royalty-bearing transaction.

The proposed extension is similar to EIP-2981, but return additional information:

function royaltyInfoWithBounty(uint256 _tokenId, uint256 _salePrice) external view returns (address receiver, uint256 royaltyAmount, uint256 maxBountyAmount)

An alternative function that could be used to offer bounties to an exclusive partner may look something like this:

function royaltyInfoWithBounty(uint256 _tokenId, uint256 _salePrice) external view returns (address receiver, uint256 royaltyAmount, uint256 maxBountyAmount, address exclusiveBountyReceiver)

Note: Exclusive partnership bounties could be split via payment processors, but for simplicity and reduction in gas cost we do not recommend including an array of partners as it increases complexity/gas cost for a marketplace protocol integration.

We expect that the addition of royalty bounties will lead to interesting incentivization mechanisms where higher bounties are promoted/spotlighted on exchanges more frequently, creating synergistic relationship between creators and exchanges instead of adversarial relationships that exist today.


A great way to align creators and marketplaces - seems like a valid extension to the existing EIP.

A good thought to foster collaboration between NFT creators and exchanges, potentially creating a more harmonious ecosystem.

Doesn’t sound like there have been any objections to this - I’ll probably work on a draft of this EIP soon unless I hear a serious objection.