Projects using Improvement Proposals for different types of governance

I just discovered that the Kickback event management platform is using Kickback Improvement Proposals – KIPs – for their platform:

I know that AION is also using Aion Improvement Proposals - AIPs – and had some of their community team attend Council of Prague.

Very interesting.

Kickback team – would be lovely to read a blog post or interview or discussion on why you’re developing / using this KIP process. Is this more like feature requests? or?

I’m fascinated! I definitely think a good interview topic for the future.

Added those to this list:

Hey, Ram from Kickback here.

We’re experimenting with KIPs to see if this is a good way for us to discuss extensive changes to the platform and service. It’s also a great way of getting people who want to contribute large scale ideas to do so in a structured manner.

The other thing I like about it is that it lets people in future go back and see a well documented specification of any changes that were made. People often point back to EIPs, often treating them almost as reference documentation.

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