ProgPoW - A Compilation of Reference Material



We have noted that it can become increasingly difficult to find statements, references or information to ProgPoW. In an effort to remain organized and decrease confusion, we’ve decided to begin to catalogue information here.

We will update this as new information is added. If there is something we should add (complaints, concerns, governance, articles, reviews), please post it in the thread!

GitHub - Reference Implementation, Specification, and Original Whitepaper

This is our original reference implementation. Note that there are other optimized miners contributed by the Ethereum community, and for benchmarking, one of those is more appropriate.

GitHub Comments - See Our Replies to Various Issues or Questions

This is helpful if you want to stay up-to-date with technical comments we address on GitHub, rather than searching through the various forums.

Article: The Problem with Proof of Work

Addresses the original problem with specialization, proof-of-work, incentives, and Casper FFG. Note that this article was written ten months ago, and thus some of the statements around Ethereum’s ecosystem are outdated.

Article: Performance and Tuning (Spec 0.9.2)

This article explains a lot of the inefficiencies with Ethash from a GPU saturation and throughput standpoint, and how ProgPoW addresses those.

Article: ProgPoW FAQ

This article addresses some of the most frequently asked questions around ProgPoW, including design, early review, and a brief overview of an ASIC implementation.

Article: The Cost of ASIC Design

Highlights on some of the differences between a cryptocurrency-ASIC designer, and a GPU-ASIC designer; how yields works; why low voltage doesn’t work for ProgPoW ASICs; and clarifies why floating-point math is not used in ProgPoW.

Article: A Comprehensive ProgPoW Benchmark

Benchmarking results from an enthusiast miner, including: results with and without VBIOS modifications; a power consumption and hashrate comparison between Ethash and ProgPoW; a power consumption and hashrate comparison between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3.

Article: The Miners Benchmark ProgPoW

Comprehensive testing of ProgPoW, version 0.9.2, for both AMD and NVIDIA.

Article: AMD isn’t as simple as ABC

Addresses a variance between different block heights on both ProgPoW and Ethash, along with appropriate benchmarking criteria for ProgPoW.


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