Processing video for Council of Prague

Thanks @Bagaric from Chrono Logic for sharing the raw footage from Council of Prague. He and his team will be doing edits and posting edited versions, but this might take some time.

I’ve listed a GitHub issue to make copies / backups of the raw footage here

For Berlin, we also have distributed footage, plus final edits on Viewly. I think Viewly was a fine experiment, but it has me / my address as a single POF and is not a long term solution.

Personally, I’m making a “Request for Template” around post processing of video for events (we need one for all aspects of video, but I think smaller pieces are more re-usable).

I’d love to have a write up on, for example, how I can upload the raw footage to IPFS and make sure at least one copy is online.

Should we have a Magicians YouTube, much like we now have a Magicians Medium? Personally, I don’t care, because it just means one more resource that has to be curated or reasons given to not post something — but someone might like to take this on.

One more item that I think I do need to turn into an issue is that we need a list that describes what/when the video file is, linked to its file name.

With this discussion, I am practicing making issues as well as talking about templates for future events.

For issues, I believe they come in two flavours, a la @owocki.

One is, I believe this needs to be done, can someone other than me take it on. Not quite a “we should” — backing up the video is just a thing that needs doing, not an existential discussion.

The other is “I am doing” — this signals you are taking a task on, might need help or discussion, and so are putting up a GitHub issue to track it and coordinate.

Templates, an IPFS recipe, YouTube channels are all open discussion, that might turn into some “I am doings”.