#primordialSoup Best Practices

On today’s EIPIP call, there was a discussion about how best to use this category, and eth-mag generally. Opening this thread as a placeholder for some central location/URL that gathers over time tips on how to gather feedback for future/potential EIP drafts.

Eth-Mag tips in general:

  • The first message in a thread can be updated over time: add a summary! add links to side-conversations, implementations, and community-call notes/recordings!
  • Moderators can do this^ in an emergency, but it’s always best if a thread/EIP driver takes this seriously and does it over time

Primordial-specific tips:

  • Feel free to cross-link or break out separate threads for prior-art review or extended discussion of “analogies” (e.g. how PYP handles X or how non-blockchain DAGs have specific properties that might be useful in ethereum, etc)