Post EIP/ERC Split: Represent each side as Camps in Ethereum Magicians

The EIP/ERC Split, a.k.a. the ‘reverse merge,’ has finally been completed and thus has kick-started the dawn of a new era where core protocol and application layer improvements can grow and be managed independently. There is no doubt that we will experience the Cambrian explosion on both sides.

However, one of the key objections that was highlighted in the proposal was the concern that this change would split the Ethereum community, especially with respect to Ethereum Magicians. I think this isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, this change has created an opportunity for various magicians in the fellowship to appropriately recognize their areas of interest and expertise and fully unlock their potential and contributions accordingly.

‘We are all of us Ethereum Magicians.’

The goal of this post is to make a meta-suggestion of something similar to Houses/Camps (as seen in some fantasy literature, including LOTR, Harry Potter, and the Percy Jackson series) in how various members affiliate themselves, all under the Ethereum Magicians community, and gather feedback and discussions on the best ways to proceed and achieve agreement. I think there’s good inspiration to be taken from the Optimism Collective, for example.

I’m particularly leaning closer to Camps and from the looks of it, we already have two Great Camps under the Fellowship, working together to grow the Infinite Garden:

  1. Camp EIP - core protocol improvements
  2. Camp ERC - app-level improvements

Where each Camp has Cabins, so for example:

  • Camp EIP

    • Execution Cabin
    • Consensus Cabin
  • Camp ERC

    • Wallet Cabin
    • Interface Cabin
    • Standards Cabin

Would really appreciate some thoughts and discussions around this, and hope fully get some support for this on Magicians.

‘We are all of us Ethereum Magicians.’

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Separating discussions based on topics can reduce noise and make it easier for community members to find relevant information.