PoS - What if internet goes down?

Hey y’all, first post here. Hope everyone is well :blush:

I’m a little confused regarding Proof of Stake in regards to when someone staked 32eth.

  1. What if their power goes out and they lose internet connection for an extended period of time? Depending on how long it goes down, wouldn’t their staked ether be slashed due to this?

  2. If the people staking 32eth are still having to run a client on their computer 24/7 to validate, is it really saving that much more energy compared to what PoW is doing?

Thanks in advance. I’ve been doing my best at doing my own research like advised when first joining the space, but I’m just starting to confuse myself at this point.


See Ben’s chapter on penalties, “A useful rule of thumb is that it takes about a day of uptime to recover from a day of downtime.”

See Ethereum Foundation blog post, “Ethereum will use at least ~99.95% less energy post merge.”


Thank you! I’ll check these out

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